Super Power Academy Subscription Boxes

Super Power Academy Subscription Boxes

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Super Power Academy Subscription Box ContentsAs a mom, I LOVE subscription boxes for kids that are both fun and educational. Throw in the idea that they can help my kids learn how to be a good person and I am sold! The Super Power Academy Subscription box doesn’t fall short as a favourite subscription box for kids.

Super Power Academy’s subscription boxes are curated with a goal of growing key leadership qualities such as emotion management and empathy. Founded Pamela Joe (a mother of two, attorney, and renewable energy business co-owner) Super Power Academy’s mission is simple. Their mission is to ’empower kids with the social and emotional competencies that are necessary for achievement and life-long learning.’

Our family is all about the superheroes and it is wonderful to find a subscription box that is a great fit for both boys and girls! We do wish that they were a bit more active on their Social media profiles, it looks like they were much more active in sharing resources and information about the Super Power Academy boxes a few years ago. Hopefully, they will continue to make children happy with their fun-filled Super Power boxes for years to come and start sharing more insider tips soon.

Their subscription boxes start at $33 per month and they ship anywhere in the continental USA. Their customer testimonials say it all!

“Brillant! I had high expectations when I purchased this as Christmas gifts for my two nieces … Who wouldn’t want to be their own super hero? …The boxes are fun and unique.” – Celeste

“My 6 year old twin boys and I LOVE the Superpower Academy box! I found it when I was searching for some tools to use to help with Growth Mindset for them when they were 5.” – Brooke

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