Spooky Horror Subscription Boxes

Spooky Horror Subscription Boxes

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I love Halloween and the occasional scare but some of these horror subscription box items might be a bit too scary for me! Are you brave enough – if not, you may want to check out the Ultimate List of Halloween subscription boxes instead. However, if horror movies, blood, and scary stuff are more your jam keep reading.

We all have a friend or family member who just LOVES horror movies, so we gathered our courage to check out some chilling horror subscription boxes and products featuring horror movies and collectibles both old and new.

Ghoulish Gear & More: Loot Crate’s horror subscription box brings you horror movie collectibles and apparel every month from unique franchises like Blum House.

Horror Pack: This horror subscription brings new blue ray or DVD horror movies to your door every month. With four scary movies a month your weekend scare-fest will be a snap to plan. Add some popcorn and a couple of ghoulish treats and your night fright can begin.

Horror Crate: Nerd Crates Horror subscription box brings you monthly collectibles from franchise horror movies and makes the perfect gift for horror movie lovers.

Horror-Box: The monthly box containing Scream magazine that is curated by real horror movie fans. Autographed items, patches, wearable items are just a few of the terrifying items you may unbox. Limited edition boxes are available for hardcore creepsters.

Horror Icons T-Shirt Club Subscription: Found on Amazon this horror T-shirt club features shirts from the Warner Brothers horror franchise every month. From films like IT, Friday the 13th, and the nightmare on elm street.

While searching for the perfect monthly subscription box for your top horror-flick-loving friend or family member here are a few things to keep in mind. Watch out for fly-by-night subscription box companies. Look for one that is well established and has been sending out boxes for at least two years on a regular basis. Most horror movies are produced by franchises that require licensing fees – so if the price looks too good to be true it probably isn’t legit merchandise. Lastly, some of these may not be appropriate for children, check the FAQs for each box or contact their support department to get age reccomendations.