Hoot for Kids subscription box for preschoolers

Hoot for Kids subscription box for preschoolers

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Hoot for Kids Subscription BoxIf you’re looking for a subscription box made just for your preschool then you’ll want to check out Hoot for Kids.

Each Hoot for Kids subscription box is curated to include toys and activities for children age 3 to 6 that will help strengthen their developmental skills and reach milestones.

Each Hoot for Kids subscription box is ” hands on occupational therapy.” In fact hoop for kids with cofounded by a registered licensed occupational therapist committed to bringing expertise in selecting the highest quality toys and activities to foster each child’s development.

One of the most exciting things about this subscription box is that they acknowledge each child has different needs so your child’s box is custom pack based on their age and developmental stage.

Hoot for Kids Subscription BoxHoot for Kids subscription boxes contain high-quality toys and children’s accessories from amazing brands like; Brio, Cloud B, Green Sprouts, Bending, Angel Dear, Kumon, Melissa and Doug, and Uncle Goose.

According to their website, The Hoot for Kids subscription box is available for delivery within the United States. We couldn’t determine the shipping cost or if they were included in the cost of the subscription box from their website but we have put in a question regarding shipping costs and To inquire if international shipping to Canada or the United Kingdom is possible.

Just $34.99 per box In a minimum of three toys per subscription box this looks like a great way to enhance your child’s development with fun and play. We’ve also put in a request for coupon codes and special offers and hopefully will be able to share those with you in the near future.

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